Thursday, May 16, 2013

(life saving) quinoa.

i am finding as i travel deeper into my journey 
as a renaissance mama that simplicity 
is such a gift, especially in the kitchen 
(can i hear a woot woot).
the journey of discovering 'simple' is varied and 
i rarely know when it will find me inside a warm tea, 
an afternoon walk, a less anxious collection of minutes ;)
so simple and so FULL of what i need at that moment.

i created this quinoa as a new mama with a few week old O.
i was home alone, breastfeeding, stumbling over my new self, 
a new rhythm, searching for the old me under all the swatches 
of fabric that no longer looked or felt like me. maybe i was looking
for the bridge that could take me from one end to the other. 
maybe this way i could understand what was happening. 

i used to put life's equations on a canvas, moving paint 
with a tongue depressor, sponge, bristles with the hopes 
of understanding relationship, love, how we do this life thing... 
exploring inside words on a page, a dance with my body, 
my hip, my arm, creating a kind of physical medicine, a remedy,
a tincture, something to understand the pain, the joy, the layers.
i was teaching myself how to make a life. and now,
i was life. i made life. i was nourishing our lives for the first time.

alas - the quinoa in the rice cooker was born.
YES! that's ice and those are frozen veggies ;)

jules (life saving) quinoa
1 cup organic quinoa
1 - 2 chunks earth balance
(soy free if you want!)
1 repunzel vegan bullion
1 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup of  frozen veggies 
(peas/garbanzo beans)
1 cup water
a rice cooker

*rock it*
plug in rice cooker
put a chunk of earth balance in the bowl
you can do this in ANY order you wish
i usually unwrap the bullion cube 
(good for 2 cups or more liquid)
put in 1 cup quinoa
the veggies of your choice
then the liquids
put the lid on
and press go, cook, 
or whatever it says!

you can leave the house,
you can go take a shower,
you can go nap it up!
in 12 minutes you will have the scent of 
nourishing food inside your home!

*jules ideas*
my favorite is the warm quinoa in a wood bowl 
with a cap full of flax seed oil, braggs,
a little goat gouda on the side &
some roasted veggies or a saute of deep greens..
i have also been adding this to my spring salads!
you can also make the quinoatkes with the left over quinoa!

please comment on the blog! 
i want to know what you are up to with the quinoa! 
or if you already make this life saving quinoa, 
how has it saved your life!?

summer solstice
june 21
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  1. Hi Jules! I have a HUGE bag of quinoa in my cupboard and I was excited to try this. It was delicious and richly hearty. I just wanted to make sure you really meant it cooks in 12 minutes? My rice cooker had hardly touched it at 25 minutes, I decided to put it in a sturdy pot and cook it over the stove, it took another 20-25 minutes on the stove. Could you give me a sense if this is out of the ordinary or does it really take 40+ minutes to cook?

  2. hi curly bug!! first - i am so sorry that it didn't work for you. is your quinoa sprouted? not sure how that even works.. what kind of quinoa is it? the quinoa i am using is plain ol' quinoa. it takes about 10 - 12 minutes to cook. i have had so many women do this and i have not had this happen! also - it might be the rice cooker? what kind is it? lets get to the bottom of this! thanks! XXXX