Saturday, March 30, 2013

spring & beauty.

"for the experience of beauty to be strong and true,
we need to be, first of all, free in our judgement. 
And by deepening our familiarity with beauty, 
we are coming in contact precisely with ourselves. 
We are becoming more authentic, stronger and more secure. 
To trust our own aesthetic judgement means to have self-esteem: 
We learn to be at ease with ourselves, in touch 
with our emotions and sensations, courageous enough 
to say what we feel and think."
beauty & the soul by piero ferruci

renewal, rebirth, reconnection
can be such a messy, patient, intense process
 maybe that's why everything that greets
us in spring is a gift of beauty, 
hugging you with its colors, smells & lightness
inspring us to begin again
love you beautiesxxxx

Thursday, March 28, 2013

matzoh brie.


missing YOU
missing ME
i have been inside the seams of a rocking chair 
for weeks hoping for some shut eye in between 
both my babes spiking high temps & all that comes with it
no sleep for more than the normal amount of sick nights

what has kept me sane? 
ok.. maybe soledad farms pear & walnut goat cheese 
(it's truly divine and a life saver)

what do i love for breakfast on passover and many other mornings? 
matzoh brie

that last pic is my writing about 18 years ago 
when i first asked my mom how to make it 
she is the matzoh brie wizard

i did the play by play pics
so you could see how 
easy, doable, delish and kid friendly it is
and you do not have to be jewish!!
make this! 
it's fun and YUM

matzah/matz/matzoh unsalted, egg or both
1 egg per 5 sheets (feeds 2 - 4 people)
collander and big bowl under it
wood spoon or something to gently pound matzoh
nice sized round saute pan
canola oil
coarse kosher or pink salt
apple sauce & sour cream

*rock it*
(follow the pictures)
break up matzoh in a colander
place colander in a bigger bowl that can collect the crumbs
grab your wood spoon, yam masher or pestle
gently pound the matzoh into small bitty parts
then wet the small parts with some super hot water (1/2 cup maybe)
or just put it under the insta hot for a quick second all around
have your whisked egg ready
put crumbs, egg, little bits, salt all together
mix it up
it should feel like it's sticking together

*fire it*
place oil in medium/high saute pan
wait for it to get pretty hot
place matzoh in hot pan and flatten like a cake 
don't be shy with the oil
you may want to oil the back of a stainless steel spatula 
so there is no sticky factor with the matzoh while flattening it
then you will smell when it's ready to flip it 
(a minute or 2 before burning)
you can cut it down the middle or divide it in four's
no matter what each side will brown, fry, crisp 

scoop some apple sauce & sour cream 
on the plate next to each other
in time they will collide 
it will be epic

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

life recipe: take 1.


love you beauties
start loving you too

Thursday, March 14, 2013

our hunger.

the price of admission 
is a seedling in the moist 
all knowing land 
it's the wisdom below our barefeet 
protected by so many 
things; rubbers, plastics
anything to keep us from our 
intimate worth - 
the price of knowing the truth 
having the patience 
with heart and mind 
instead of the extreme dance
the marathon of words
the anxious running we do all day inside our skin
little parts, all our parts
running naked down every single meridian 
highways full of our knowing 
our wanting 
our intimacy
our hunger
soil beds to lay on 
to steep our soaked 
full of stress 
our tea bag selves 
to be strained 
pinched and seen 
in that last concentrated drop
(part of a prompt 'price of admission')
GATHER in my kitchen
FEED ON spring 
BE inspired
PINCH yourself

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

golden beets.

i have been the lucky one 
witnessing women across america
eat their first real beet

beauties: i don't eat beets
me: oh really? what kind of beets have you tried?
beauties: the ones in the can
me: those are not beets
b: well i don't like them 
me: yeah i would not like those either
(then i take a bunch of these out)
b: what are those?
me: beets

roasting golden beets

bunch of golden, red, chiogga beets
olive oil
casserole dish

oven on 375 bake
wash & dry beets
cut in half (cooks faster)
pour olive oil in dish
flesh side down & skin side up 
massage with some salt if want to
put in for 30 - 40 minutes 
fork em' to see if they are ready

let cool
then slide skin off
i pinch the back (see pic)
and the skin comes right up 
the skin is edible and good 
if you don't want to remove it

enjoy in salads, alone, dipped in pesto
or thinly sliced on toast with lavender goat cheese
and/or smoked salmon.. with tomatoes, citrus, greens
this is a super fancy combo i have been LOVING!
there are so many ways you can eat beets
just eating them is a great start!

enjoy beauties

Saturday, March 9, 2013

march 22.

miracle love fest

are you tired of the same ol' same ol'?
are you hungry for fresh ideas?
do you want  to create delicious
healthy food within your 
busy insane modern life? 

*come over*

the miracle is a gathering 
in my kitchen where
nourish & inspire women
teaching them how to cook
locally grown farmers market foods
sharing my ways of making
happen inside of a day, a week, a life

you will leave
with a 
warm, love filled belly

march 22
10 - 1

Thursday, March 7, 2013

deep greens.

"like water, beauty is ordinary and essential, 
as well as extraordinary and magnificent"

this is how i feel about my greens
kale, chard, collards, mustrads, mizuna, fava greens, pea tendrils, etc... 
i am speechless by their deep veined stamp like leaves, 
their strong spine stems, they tell us their stories
they are so ordinary, essential and amazing

this is a basic around here
they keep well for days
heat them up with eggs, beans, soup...
just about everything to get your greens in

deep greens saute

any and every green that grabs you
kale & rainbow chard is a good start
1 - 2 bunches chopped
1 - 2 cloves garlic chopped or crushed
1 meyer lemon
coarse kosher salt
olive oil

*rock it*
SO important to have ROOM 
grab a big saute pan.. 
(bigger than that one)
dial it up to medium 
1 - 2 wrist turns of olive oil
add your garlic
let it get a bit hot
add greens
move em' around
squeeze lemon
add a bit of salt
move it around some more
let it sit too
you can put a lid on if u want
they are ready in 5 - 10 minutes 

it's doable, delish and so good for YOU!

my kitchen

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

life changing oatmeal.

good morning beauties! 

we are really opening up the kitchen arsenal over here!
sharing ALL the best ways to NOURISH & NURTURE 
ourselves and our familes in our super busy lives
there is nothing better than getting good warm food 
in your belly at the start of the day..
it's vital to a healthy mind, body, everything

this recipe makes it possible for EVERYONE to do this!
this is an everday event over here
and this is how it works...

first: order a rice cooker
keep it simple
on and off/warm and cook
that's what i am talking about

second: buy oats.
bobs red mill has a place in my heart

now you are ready to begin this life changing adventure

oatmeal in the rice cooker

1 - 2 wood spoon chunks earth balance
(soy free is good)
1 - 2 love shakes of cinnamon
 1 1/2 cups bobs gf oats
3 cups of water

*rock it*
i like to start with earth balance
then cinnamon 
pour oats 
pour water
press on
put lid on

now how long did that take? 
now YOUR nourishment is
happening while YOU can
do kids lunches, shower, breathe..
and breakfast will be ready in about 10 - 12 minutes
YOU can do this!

*julesy ideas*
i love my soaked almonds
peeled and ready for my warm oatmeal
blueberries, raisins, dried cherries, figs, cashews 
and my favorite: slices of banana at the bottom
so it melts in the oatmeal.. 
you can put all of this in the rice cooker before it cooks too

i have babes who have a variety of needs
o takes it plain with maple butter 
b takes it with dried fruits & almond milk
how do you take it? 
i want to hear!