Wednesday, November 24, 2010


stories inside the womb
of a wooden spoon.

the round, wide edges of my ancestory
that i continue to discover.

the warm healing in the kitchen,
over and over and over again,
showing me the way.

discovering a specific lingering that is in the
crack of the cuisineart, the scent of basil meyers soap.

whatever your story, the poetry, the song... they live in your
kitchen... maybe this is the time you come out to greet them...

lets thanks & give everyday....
lets roast, saute, baste & play everyday...
let's connect with this excited child that lives in the aroma
of a sweet potato souffle... connected to this nourishing piece...
lets feed her and nurture him everyday....

i am so deeply grateful to all the spoons, the patient creators of all the round things, the wide bowls, the stories inside the wood, the sterling silver, the cobalt, the gold, the kitchen connection, the planet for holding us,the circle, my family, the ocean, the beauty, the process of growing, caring, nourishing and nurturing everything...

feeding you and feeding me. xxx