Wednesday, May 21, 2014

wood board love.


::::::::::WOOD BOARD LOVE::::::::::

if my work had a thesis
wood board love would be the title
it is the map, the compass, the seeds
in which i continue to grow & discover the
space to talk about our food story, our kitchens
healing, our hunger & how we nourish ourselves.
at the end of the day, it's a great place to start.
 i am inspired by the board
i cut up whatever has been gathered 
from the seasonal wardrobe and
before i know it we are creating
delicious concoctions i would have
never put together!
it's definitely a family affair
there is no pressure & 
no energy other than the beauty
radiating from the board, from the source
there is nothing to say
the only thing to do is EAT
(possibly moan)
and try things old and new

i always say...
gather like you are having a party
celebrate nourishing you
DO NOT WAIT for the party
(because you are the party)
then call me in the morning

check out wood board love sessions
& kitchen healing in all shapes and sizes here.

Monday, May 19, 2014


i am reveling in my unraveling
letting all the seams go
what it should be
what it seems to be
what i thought it was
who i need to be

i am unraveling.

pin me up
each meridian
take me out of the oven
let me cool and harden
i am making room on the sides of this pan
i am not stuck in here

unraveling never felt so good
pull that seam and let my dress fall down
i am in bed with my lover on a monday at 10am
yeah, thats right
the uneven curtains of where i should be
what i have been
who i am and where i am going
who the fuck knows?

i am healing
i am making room
i am leaning in
sharp edges
kneading ball after ball after ball
breathing round
breathing flat
breathing soft
custom blended for me
everybody has a story

i am so hungry for more of my breath
more of your hardship
lets shop it around
loosen it up
rip me apart
i am alive and the dark side is in the back seat
watch out 
i am taking my time

what was
ain't working
we are going to shift this shit up
hungry mother
mother hungry
lets talk to each other
get curious
be of service
hug it out

lets try on the warrior costume
unravel this groundlessness
ungravel the inevitability of dying
the fear fest that loves to be the line leader
a marriage of old shapes
doesn't fit anymore

lets get under this fat mess
dig up the rotted roots
fire up the rusty pots
smell the aroma
of our needs
ask questions
roast beets
make a tea
and begin
to unravel.

:::::more of this conversation here:::::::XXXXBEAUTIES:::::

Monday, May 12, 2014

hungry mother//support group.


there is a way, a place, a happening to 
to talk about our hunger, our needs, our nourishment.
where does food & eating align in your everyday?
what is your food story?
where are you inside of everyone's needs? 
where is your hunger hanging out these days?  

hungry mother is a safe space for women to gather,
receive support, nourishment, inspiration & beauty creating 
a new way of feeling into food, how you nourish yourself,
& your family inside of your busy life. 

we will feast on seasonal wood board love that
gather with love & beauty at the farmers market

every woman is welcome!
mamas, sisters, daughters, grandmas, doulas... all of you!
this is for YOU, please come sans the babes unless
you have tiny ones who need your nourishment.
this is also a beautiful way to connect with
friends, family or clients in a deeper way giving
new language to intimate & possibly vulnerable terrain.

hungry mother is a support group happening
at bini birth in sherman oaks on fridays from 1 - 2:30 pm. 
the first class starts this friday, may 16. sign up here.