Thursday, April 17, 2014

mothers, miracles & wood board love (oh my!).


this conversation about food, eating, feeding other, feeding me, 
connecting to my nourishment, my food story, your food story
and my constant hunger for this entire feast began when i fell
in love. it was another medium in which to give myself to my
beloved while mixing, mending & breaking my heart open
inside a warm soup or a sweet scone. the only thing that has changed
is i have fallen in love with so many! ocean & beauty keep me
inspired, asking me questions in the kitchen, asking the whys & hows
about food & life as i keep them busy with the basics of how to feed,
nourish and heal themselves in this way.

i share this with you dearest beauties because with
mothers day approaching i am offering a new service called
wood board love sessions. this is a private session in my kitchen 
where i feed you & your son, daughter or loved one the seasonal
beauty of the market while inspiring the opportunity to talk about food,
nourishment & how it's all happening in your everyday lives.
you can read more & sign up here.

mothers day miracle on may 9!
reserve your wood bowl here (it's already filling up!).
bye bye spring break!
it's time to recharge and re-inspire you, your mother,
your loved ones with the beauty & bounty of spring.
every miracle is mothers day so this is going to be off the hook!

make room for your needs, your nourishment, your hunger
with amazing women, a farm to table feast & recipes for life.

big love beauties

Thursday, April 10, 2014


dearest blog, 
you are 5 today.  you have been the ground in which to sew & save the swatches of my story; no matter how strained, sieved or stressed life may be, you are my witness. i write, upload & link while you put my voice out there for all to read, feel, see & taste. i am so grateful for our journey together. here is the first post i published called hungry mother. i feel as deeply connected to the words today as i did when they ran out of my fingers five years ago. i had no idea what i was doing, i just knew i was hungry mother of a two year old boy.  sweet community of beauties, thank you for reading, sharing & holding the space for my musings on motherhood, food & fire. i am so grateful for youxxxx

i am starving for this conversation to begin....i want to ask questions, write lists, hear your stories... i want to understand, get underneath, turn it over & see the other side of this place where we are connecting to our kitchens...this daily piece of feeding other, our kin, ourselves.. it's deep inside. how we were fed and what surrounds that for each of us... and now we are the mamas, we are the wives, we are the women creating the meals... we are nurturing, providing, gathering, hunting, feeding, creating, birthing, businessing, parenting, saving the planet and on & on....we are the renaissance mamas...yearning for the basics in a world that is full to the brim with new, quick, easy & cheap. 

give me the ground... the warm, thick soil, roots to something deep...traditional, memories, recipes, stories told in the kitchen... we are the change... 

wooden spoon

we are returning to this place in all of us that is screaming to be heard, that we may not even remember....with passion, fear & unbelievable meals in the kitchen that you love, sating these creative pieces in us, stirring in our shamanism, mixing with a new consciousness to bake on high and rise.  

creating tradition from scratch & beginning a movement....

Monday, April 7, 2014

black banana chocolate bread.

(note: the

(looks like a late night of partying/baking)


there is definitely something inside
of baking that makes the hard stuff soften 
and melt or maybe its about making
room for something warm & lovely 
inside the rough edges of life
what do you think? it's not a quick fix
but a super delicious bandaid!

i am deeply in love with notes from the larder
by nigel slater (xmas gift...thanks bestie!)
it's an annual kitchen diary where nigel jots down
his sweet musings & recipes about food & life
it's simple yet wonderful and beautiful
i am really enjoying it. this recipe does not take a lot
of time & ingredients to make it happen
(it also sates the don't waste anything part
of me with the black bananas)

here is nigel's chocolate
muscovado banana cake

2 cups all-purpose or gf flour
(i used cup 4 cup)
2 tsp baking powder 
1/2 cup butter/softened 
1 cup + 1 tbs muscovado sugar
14 oz (i think it was 3) super black bananas
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
1 bar (3.5 oz/100g) of dark chocolate

make it happen
butter loaf pan & line with parchment
sift flour & baking powder
cream butter & sugar
(till fluffy and pale coffee color)
mash bananas in bowl
(keep it lumpy)
stir in vanilla extract
beat eggs lightly with a fork
then beat them into creamy butter/sugar
chop chocolate into small pieces
(like fine gravel)
fold them into bananas/butter/sugar mixture
gently fold in powder & flour
scrape mixture into line loaf pan
bake for 50 minutes
test it with a skewer
if it comes out clean: awesome
if not: put foil over it and in for a few more minutes
let it settle in the pan for about 15 minutes
then take it out to cool

i wrapped the bread in foil & kept it out
it didn't last long in my house!
it's also a great gift
enjoy & let me know how you go
big love beauties

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

goldy soup.

when all else fails: i make soup.

here is one i came up with last night
that turned out like a velvet cozy sock
or maybe it felt like a glove
well, whatever the case it tasted kind
and loving to my 'everything is in retrograde'
theme i have been swimming inside of lately
with a salty top of parsley & avocado
it nourished the chaos inside me for a moment
or possibly two...

the story starts with a half of a cauliflower
that was left in the fridge
so i chopped it up
cut up some turnips
peeled & chopped some carrots
with my regular base of 
sauteed yellow onion & green garlic
a little bit of salted butter & olive oil
mix it all around
on a medium setting
let it get a bit glassy
add all the veggies
then add about 5 cups of water
bring to a boil
back down to simmer
let it cook for 1/2 - 1 hour
(you can also wait for it to cool 
and use your blender!)
& voila.. i served it with 
a super light cheese quesadilla
& guacamole.. i have been keeping
parsley & edible flowers in ball jars
on the table so the medicinal conversation
can stay open in terms of what i feel like
adding to my dish! it's another way we can shift
the subtle tastes of our meal in a creative way

more of these beauty tips
at the spring miracle on april 11
(deadline to sign up is monday, april 7)