Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what's cooking in my kitchen lately....

yummy favas... i have done a few things with these... i put them in the cuisinart with cinnamon basil & goat cheese...which made for a rustic fava chutney of sorts that i put on some pretzel baguette with tomatoes & pinenuts...also - a simple saute with some little onions & leeks is so good too...

carmelized carrots on the stove...start with little yellow onions & leeks...glazing them for about 15- 20 minutes on medium heat....then add the carrots with some water... boil... then back down to medium to soak up all the water...about 45 minutes in total. 

apricot & peach roasted chicken with cumin & cinnamon...massage with love & put it in the oven at 400 for about 45 minutes...best facts on how to roast a chicken...just plain and simple (then you can add what you want...) is in the joy of cooking

pine nut pizza on corn meal crust with tomatoes, goat cheese & love.

almond cupcakes with matcha tea icing...
out of one of my favorite baking books baked...2 guys in brooklyn.. gotta love it. 

my first clafoutis... look out for more as i am making 2 this weekend...
i will give the recipe in the next blog.... can't wait to share it with youxxx

Friday, May 22, 2009

wednesday farmers market.....

this market visit inspired an apricot basil clafoutis (claaafoootiiieee)...a yellow cauliflower and corn quiche with ginger goat cheese, rhubarb crisp with a macadamia nut topping, blood orange zest & juice....wanting to make a walnut loaf this week & something with those sweet zuchini balls....more photos of the cooking & recipes coming soonxxx

Friday, May 15, 2009

just another day at the farmers market.....

ocean loves to be with the gals from peacock farms where we buy some of the best eggs, nuts & raisins at the market!

ocean and i were at wednesdays farmers market & this time it was for dinner with friends...nothing fancy...i call it my fast food because it takes about an hour and i am usually rushing like a mad woman to get it all done before eveybody gets home.... it's basic, down home, rustic cuisine with a local flavor....  

at home - i love bowls and i love to create stories inside them....this time around it was leeks & brussel sprouts, these incredible purple artichokes (a few leaves & some heart), roasted rosemary yams all hanging out together  on a bed of rice pilaf.  on the side was a mixed green & edible flower salad with avocado & pistachio nuts...and a small delight of little pretzel crostini with lavender goat cheese & a slice of those amazing yellow tomatoes... wish you were here ... xxx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lake's birthday story....

i love to start out with a vision board so that we are all on the same page....it gets us excited & passionate about the project...it inspires everyone to see the start of the creative story, it's the tune in & once we are cleared for take off...i gather all the energy, desires, vibe, feelings of the client under my wing and fly....which i love.  

i wanted to create a menu that looked easy peazy with a summer feel....
beautiful & light that sated each belly (big & small)...

watermelon, cherry & strawberry salad...

you can't have a party without banana sandwiches....

happy birthday lake!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


undefinable energy
creative force
one who does almost everything, just keeps going
always the student,
teacher, sharer of stories
swims inside language, uses it as a tool to express & listen
to care, to love, to be tender, to understand
enormously grateful
appreciative of the littlest of things
the hardest...
and the best moment all in one day
over and 
over and 
over again

trying to find a word for beyond exhausted
mixed with a  love that keeps going and growing
folded into a deep daily joy (even in the most trying of times) 
that doesn't compare to anything i ever knew before....

maybe it's the word 
and then i don't know anything again
and i am determined to
stay open
as it's where i live
it's going back home
stretch some more
like that first home
it all makes sense in there
in here
warm, cozy, like before

thank you for making me a mother... 

as i mother myself, as i listen to myself, to my voice, my mothering, my idea of what should happen...
as i hear what i like, don't like, cut, edit, paste, be, dance, create, put out into hearts, mine, yours,
i learn what it is this time & reshape what it was last time... unconditional, listening, open, open, open...

i feel blessed to know this part as it has become my whole. i also want to start a revolution...that we have a mothers week or month..anyone in?

happy day to all those who create, to all who mother, 
to all who give life to something, dance this dance, we are all mothers somewhere inside......xxx

thank you mom. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

gabby's pre-birthday....in my kitchen.

if you look closer the spoon says 'mother' ....love that.

more coming from gabby's kitchen, the party & the end result...
charley star was there taking photos... can't wait to see them & post em'....stay tunedxxx