Friday, May 15, 2009

just another day at the farmers market.....

ocean loves to be with the gals from peacock farms where we buy some of the best eggs, nuts & raisins at the market!

ocean and i were at wednesdays farmers market & this time it was for dinner with friends...nothing fancy...i call it my fast food because it takes about an hour and i am usually rushing like a mad woman to get it all done before eveybody gets home.... it's basic, down home, rustic cuisine with a local flavor....  

at home - i love bowls and i love to create stories inside them....this time around it was leeks & brussel sprouts, these incredible purple artichokes (a few leaves & some heart), roasted rosemary yams all hanging out together  on a bed of rice pilaf.  on the side was a mixed green & edible flower salad with avocado & pistachio nuts...and a small delight of little pretzel crostini with lavender goat cheese & a slice of those amazing yellow tomatoes... wish you were here ... xxx

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  1. i am a workign mom with two twin boys. my hisband has owned the kictchen these days as we have a role reveral. him at home, me at work. he is the best nurturing father and husband in the world, yet i feel i want to provide in the kicthen as well by raising healthy eaters adn healthy children. my husband does the cooking, he does a great job, but i want to make sure we provide the earth's nutrients for our sons they way they were designed. i just have the weekends to cook for the family and get stuck with my usual three favorites.
    i wold love some quick tips on a healthy meal that looks and tastes beautiful, but can done quickly.
    any suggestions?