Thursday, May 30, 2013

gorgeous gazpacho.

there is a particular time in the beginning of a season 
where i ground into the realization that the time
(for that new season) has arrived
as though the page has turned to the next palette 
of tastes, textures, colors & creations 
that i so graciously get to know again & again
another chance to explore, discover & enjoy all that it brings
like seeing a dear friend from a long time ago
we catch up with the new, we recall the past
we make another memory
i felt this feeling when i was gathering the ingredients
to cut up and throw in the blender
like a de ja vu but new :)
this is a basic in my kitchen during the summer
as a light meal, a side or a snack to grab on the go
assuring us that there is always some beauty in the fridge

whether we have come to know it as spring or summer, winter or fall
the change of the seasons is a continuation of our story,
our kitchen culture, it's how we pray in this way
in the celebration of the juiciest strawberry
all over our childrens' cheeks
or the watermelon, peach, apricot that has made
it's way to perfection & all i can hear are the kids calling out
"more! more! more!"

how can we stay away from a church like this? 
how can we not hunger for this kind of beauty? 
how can we learn to feed each other in this way?

gorgeous gazpacho

2 - 2 1/2 lbs of the best tomatoes you 
can get your hands on
cut in half or big chunks
***everything about this is the tomatoes***
1/2 peeled english cucumber
(i've used persian too)
2 wine vinegar
2 tbs. olive oil
1 clove of garlic (peel & cut up)
3/4 cups of water

*rock it*
this is basically a tomato smoothie!
put everything in the blender together
blend till all the tomato peelings are gone
just a few minutes to a frothy, cooling love fest 
enjoy immediately or put in the fridge for later
(only gets better with time)
i love this gazpacho in a big glass ball jar
i love to pour it in teacups for me and b
it tends to separate
shake it up and enjoy!

let me know how it goes
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

squeaky clean spinach sauté.

can you believe the beauty of this bloomsdale spinach!?!?
it's so incredibly fresh, crisp & filled with a symphony of flavor.
it's worth your trip to the market (as is everything ;) 
i am having an appreciation party for this deep green
& weiser farms for making it happen.
the other major piece of this party is my kids are loving it too ;)
yep - i said it...maybe it was my yummmm moan
while cooking that got their attention
i get so excited i can't help myself
& the next thing i know O. is reaching his hand in the pan
for a try of this GREEN goodness!
also - this is a super seasonal situation
which also inspires a deep appreciation
like a dear friend visiting for a short time..
there is a connection & intimacy with our food in this way.. 

i am not sure what made me reach for the coconut oil but that started 
this love fest.. i have been on a kick to peel the carrots into ribbons..
so that happened. then i had the sesame seeds out
and i knew this spinach was going to be in the mix 
(i used kale too that first time)
this recipe just showed up as a gift in my pan!
it's exactly what the doctor ordered as
i have been hungry for SIMPLE love filled nourishment
and this sings that song with a flavor that is
deep, delicious & soft. 

spinach saute
(or any deep greens!)

bloomsdale spinach (weiser farms)
OR kale, mustard greens, chard (FRESH)
*to prep spinach: take stems off if want to*
2 - 3 carrots (peeled into ribbons)
black sesame seeds
(small pour) toasted sesame oil
(small chunk) coconut oil
salt & love 

*fire it up*
choose a pan that you have lots of room in 
(more than you might need, you need the freedom!)
you can place heat on medium 
put in coco and sesame oil
add carrots first to get the sweetening happening
saute for a few minutes
then add spinach for a few more minutes
then sesame seeds, salt, love
mix around and serve warm 
this also hold ups well in the pan
throughout the day
or save some for later
enjoy beauties!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

granola love fest.

i have a truth to share
i have been in some deep (random)
resistance about making this granola
i just wasn't ready until now
am i still in caps? that just means passion 
behind each word, sound, love fest for reals
and now i am a changed woman, mama, human
*no granola can ever compare to homemade*

so here it is:
inspired by 

*jules granola love fest*

3 cups gf bobs red mill oats
(old fashioned/no quick oats)
2 - 2 1/2 cups in total of 
pumpkin seeds & slivered almonds
*also added a hand full of some wide flake, 
unsweetened coconut*
1 1/2 tsp kosher coarse (pink) salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup maple syrup
(i did a little less than this)
3/4 tsp vanilla

*mix it up*
first put oven to 350 bake
grab a big bowl you love
pour all the dry stuff together
mix it up
then add the wet ingredients
mix it up
throw it onto a baking sheet
& flatten it out (see pic above)

*fire it up*
bake for about 40 minutes
stir it up every 15 minutes
this granola was pretty wet
even at the end but it dried up 
in the cooling process
*also the coconut i threw in at the beginning
made it very very crispy ;) you can add it in at the 
20 - 25 minute mark of your baking
if you prefer it less crisp!*

also in the pics you will see beautiful dried cherries
the recipe noted to put these in at the end
but i like to put everything together
bc it's easy and i am a 'no time like the present' kinda gal...
well.. they turned into burnt dried cherry whoppers!
so pretty in the pic but a disaster in the mouth :)
so i took those out promptly & this is why i made it first...
so you can know to put the dried fruit in later! 

i am loving this granola by the hand full
or in my vanilla goat yogurt
it's super crunchy & crisp
i wish i could give you a taste right now!

let me know how it works for you
leave a comment below so we can 
feed & inspire each other
have a beautiful weekend

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

gaviota strawberry gf crumble.


it's always a good idea to have some QUICK & EASY
sweet treats up your apron for summer and this one:
never gets old.
this crumble is what i like to call a 'frame' recipe
meaning once you know the bones you can create the body
you can make any kind of crumble you want
shape it any which way you would like because
the information gives you the freedom to be creative
and....make it yours!

this crumble is BEYOND
for a few reasons.. 
(need i say more)
3. 6 ingredients
4. 10 minutes prep
back in the day: i would cube the frozen butter sticks, 
crumble it up in my hands & put the sugar in later...
which has it's place on a planet where time is in excess, 
where children play calmly, where i am sure people take naps!
since i have not been to that planet in a long time...
i have this for you! this recipe is inspired by 
it's fast, fun and gets you to the same place: 
yummy in the tummy land 
(or another name for my kitchen!)

gaviota strawberry gf crumble

about 2 baskets of gaviota strawberries
1 stick unsalted butter
1/2 cup of cane sugar
3/4 cup of 'cup4cup' flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt

*rock it*
turn oven to 350 bake
cut strawberries in half
put them in casserole dish you love
grab one mixing bowl & a fork
melt butter in oven since it's on or micro
mix butter and sugar together first
then add flour, cinnamon, salt
mix it up
crumble on top of strawberries
you can put it on a baking sheet
just in case of juicy drippings

*fire it up*
put it in the oven for 25-35 minutes
depending on your oven etc.. 
you will see it bubbling a bit 
when it's golden at top, it's ready!
take it out
let it cool 
i think you 
know the rest....

please tell me if you LOVE this as much as i do, 
your ideas & more! leave a comment on the blog!

i am having a summer solstice MIRACLE 
in the kitchen on friday, june 21, 2013
rsvp asap

Thursday, May 16, 2013

(life saving) quinoa.

i am finding as i travel deeper into my journey 
as a renaissance mama that simplicity 
is such a gift, especially in the kitchen 
(can i hear a woot woot).
the journey of discovering 'simple' is varied and 
i rarely know when it will find me inside a warm tea, 
an afternoon walk, a less anxious collection of minutes ;)
so simple and so FULL of what i need at that moment.

i created this quinoa as a new mama with a few week old O.
i was home alone, breastfeeding, stumbling over my new self, 
a new rhythm, searching for the old me under all the swatches 
of fabric that no longer looked or felt like me. maybe i was looking
for the bridge that could take me from one end to the other. 
maybe this way i could understand what was happening. 

i used to put life's equations on a canvas, moving paint 
with a tongue depressor, sponge, bristles with the hopes 
of understanding relationship, love, how we do this life thing... 
exploring inside words on a page, a dance with my body, 
my hip, my arm, creating a kind of physical medicine, a remedy,
a tincture, something to understand the pain, the joy, the layers.
i was teaching myself how to make a life. and now,
i was life. i made life. i was nourishing our lives for the first time.

alas - the quinoa in the rice cooker was born.
YES! that's ice and those are frozen veggies ;)

jules (life saving) quinoa
1 cup organic quinoa
1 - 2 chunks earth balance
(soy free if you want!)
1 repunzel vegan bullion
1 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup of  frozen veggies 
(peas/garbanzo beans)
1 cup water
a rice cooker

*rock it*
plug in rice cooker
put a chunk of earth balance in the bowl
you can do this in ANY order you wish
i usually unwrap the bullion cube 
(good for 2 cups or more liquid)
put in 1 cup quinoa
the veggies of your choice
then the liquids
put the lid on
and press go, cook, 
or whatever it says!

you can leave the house,
you can go take a shower,
you can go nap it up!
in 12 minutes you will have the scent of 
nourishing food inside your home!

*jules ideas*
my favorite is the warm quinoa in a wood bowl 
with a cap full of flax seed oil, braggs,
a little goat gouda on the side &
some roasted veggies or a saute of deep greens..
i have also been adding this to my spring salads!
you can also make the quinoatkes with the left over quinoa!

please comment on the blog! 
i want to know what you are up to with the quinoa! 
or if you already make this life saving quinoa, 
how has it saved your life!?

summer solstice
june 21
click here to rsvp
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

baby artichokes.

hi beauties!
my sweet neighbor anna taught me 
how to pan-sear these babies
a few years ago when we collaborated in a 
'tuscan wood fired oven pizza' miracle
(that was not the original name)
it's a very simple recipe that requires 
some intuitive inner wisdom ;)

pan-seared baby artichokes

olive oil
saute pan

*work it*
first you want to clean them up 
(as you can see in pic # 2)
take off some of the leaves
with a softer core of the artichoke
turn the dial to medium/medium high
add some olive oil
wait a few minutes depending on your stove
place them face down
*this was an important part*
do not mess with them for a few minutes
let the heat do it's magic
then after a few good minutes
you can move them a bit
not too much.. not like a saute
where we like to do the wrist dance....
you can add salt
(here is the intuitive part again)
you can try one and see if they are ready
some parts are still hard and not edible
but the edible parts are really good!

what i love about this? 
it naturally, gently coerces us
to connect with our food 
and how it's relating with fire
we decide (together) 
when it's ready

no leaving the pan with this love fest
it's about 10 minutes in all 
enjoy beauties

Thursday, May 9, 2013

gathering for the miracle.

there is wisdom in this beauty
it can shed the thickest hardship
it will take you towards your center
and if you let it, it will nourish you
(this is what it does for me)

and here is a DIY, multitasking mama, spoken word
pre & post market journey on the way to & from santa monica
comment & share the LOVE beauties

Thursday, May 2, 2013

little altars everywhere.

i love altars. i love honoring the regular, run of the mill moment with a leaf from my (super rare but trying to make it a lifestyle) walk, a collection of heirloom baby spoons that have been beat up by the insinkerator, that gold butterfly i had in my hair the night i met j, an open picture book on the butcher block that reads in caps SIESTA.....

i suppose everything is ready to tell a story or maybe these moments, these altars, create the space for our stories, told & untold. they are pieces of a process, vulnerable moments, human reminders, like post it notes in the form of a painted rock given to me many years ago by a 7 year old boy "you have to forget that the pain is there and move on" he said. he had cancer & that rock is still on the altar. it's been 4 years.

i have this beautiful charm that was made for me from a friend i hurt deeply. after many attempts of apologizing, hoping she could trust me again, i had to forgive myself & let her go. the charm was always on the altar, i was unable to put it in a bag or a jewelry box. a few years ago, we mended our friendship and now, she is a dear friend. these are just a few moments in a life, like the altars, changing with the tide, chapters creating a volume or two.

i feel that the altars share a higher wisdom. they are a place to put the energy of beauty in all it's working forms, reminding me of who i am, reflecting my values, what i hold dear in a space above the sink, on a cake plate, in a wood bowl. 

they are still lifes with my textures, my colors, where i come from, where i am  & where i am headed. they are a way to track myself, find me on the map, inside the storm, to try & make sense of things. 

altars contain the natural chaos of our days. they can inspire a meal, a hug, a kiss & all the the messy beauty we acquire in a day, in a life. they are a place for things to be celebrated, looked at one more time, special.

in this whirlwind tornado watch time of motherhood, marriage, life in all it's shapes and sizes, who i am is not the first, second or tenth thing on my mind. the altars are evidence that i am here. they are my mantras. they are how i create a home. at least, for now. xxxx