Thursday, May 21, 2015

coming into the light xxxx.

hiding is a way of staying alive.
hiding is a way of holding ourselves until
we are ready to come into the light.
hiding done properly is the internal faithful
promise for a proper future emergence,
as embryos, as children or even as emerging
adults in retreat from the names that have caught us
and imprisoned us, often in ways where we have
been too easily seen and too easily named.


EIGHT YEARS in the making....
here is the first on-line presence of putting my 
work as a human and a healer out into the world
with everything in ONE place. this is just a little wood
board love to get the party started... website is coming!

this is a conversation with our inner landscape,
the map of our nourishment, how we were fed and how 
we feed our lives, our families & ourselves today. 
lets create a new story inside our insatiable hunger
as women, men, mamas, daughters, friends and 
as vulnerable human beings....
we yearn to be seen, to be heard, to be fed,
to be inspired and we hunger for a place to lighten
all that we are carry around...we crave beauty 
in all its forms even if we don't know it just yet!

if you have ever wondered what i do, what this kitchen 
healing is all about or crave more beauty please visit here and
get on board with weekly love & there is a chance to win a free
one-on-one session when you sign up xxxx 
please help me spread the light,
share with your tribes and get on board!

forever grateful for your support, love &nourishment xxxx