Monday, February 27, 2012

ouch & yum.

beauties! i tried something new and i want to share it with you: stinging nettles! woot woot. the truth is.. i have been (passively) avoiding them for a few years now... only to see them in a soup somewhere hip & fancy ;) i always wonder what they would be like, taste like, feel like etc... and now i know! it's amazing what happens when you open up to trying something new, unzip yourself to the idea and allow the belly of your fears to the unknown just hang out of your pants!! 'let loose!' as my incredible yogi friend says when stretching so wide and open. i love it.

they were amazing. it took some time to get used to the idea of eating something that could sting me in it's rawest form... once they go into boiling water for one second all the stingers fall off! they have the texture of mint and the taste of something deep and green. it's always hard to express taste.. i feel like there are so many attributes to that first bite... including that belly feeling, open & inviting something in that has always been open to me, then actually trying it... taking the time to introduce myself to another incredible piece of the earth has such a profound place in my heart. i guess that is why it's such an honor to feed YOU!! so you can feel this too.

on this particular day, beauty and ocean were home with runny noses and coughs. party. so i threw all the nettles in the sink and washed them off with the sprayer... (oh and i did not have gloves....super careful with the bag) i used those family heirloom tongs and my scissors to handle them. i cut off all the leaves and put them aside. i put a few in a little pot with water and boiled them to make tea. i added some dark honey and the kids drank it up!! here is a video of beauty loving on it...

i also wanted to try the 'fancy' soup which really means i got over myself and bought nettles for 2 - 3 dollah at the market.. the fancy part is nourishing the self which is fancy, feels so good everytime and needs to be a part of our daily routine stat. hello renaissance mamas. so, for the soup i started with a medium sized pot on medium, poured some olive oil, chopped a yellow onion, garlic and some fingerling potatoes (it's all i had, peeled em' too), some celery and i think that was it.. oh maybe some leeks too! loving the leeks right now... and yes, the nettles.. i boiled it up for one minute and then simmer for 30+ minutes. i like everything to linger together for awhile in a soup, really get to know each other. once i turn off the fire, it continues it's dance till we eat. it was exactly what we all needed that night.. healing, medicinal, earthy and loose. see you in the kitchenxxxx

ps: i pureed it the next day & it was thick and so many ways to skin a cat as my
grandmother used to sayxxxx

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

jules & RM kitchen news.


hello gorgeous ones!

thank you for all the love & support with the newsletter... please check it out if you have not had the chance & subscribe...if just to see sweet beauty and her yogic neck abilities (impressive).

this just in: love is being given to me & the RM kitchen! i had my first write up by one of my favorite farms in southern california, wieser farms! you have definitely heard me share about them (maybe too much ;) as they are the potatoes, parsnips, romanesco cauliflowers, butternut and confection squashes to my heart. they are the roots, the foundation, the grounding to so many of my nourishing creations in the kitchen. i opened my email last night and there was a little love blurb about me and the RM mission. thank you weiser farms!

march is miracle month!
the first miracles of 2012:

friday, march 2 from 10:30 - 1 pm
saturday, march 17 from 10:30 - 12:30

all miracles are in the RM kitchen in los angeles. to reserve your wood bowl, email me at these are intimate gatherings and they fill up fast. so looking forward to gathering again & nourishing each other.

another exciting event up my apron is that i am on my way to YOUR kitchen... i will be starting an RM kitchen 'boot camp' begin the long awaited love fest between you and your kitchen. do you want a kitchen that inspires, feeds & serves YOU? and for a quarter of the one-on-one price! i want everyone to experience the incredible opening that beauty and freedom can have in your kitchen and your life. it's the RM way. so, gather your friends for a few hours and lets rock this thing. it will change your life or your money back. i'm serious. more on this very soon... if you are one of those running to the front of the class types (that would be me), email me. see you in the kitchen...yours & minexxxx

*recent photos taken from the hip at the wednesday santa monica farmers market*

Friday, February 17, 2012

it's happening....

hello beauty blog family! just a note to share my first newsletter that went out this week! i would love to have you all in that boat with me as i sail along the kitchen lovin' river inspiring and nourishing (me and) you with beauty & freedom in the kitchen... and all over our everyday lives... i will be sharing what is happening in my kitchen, your kitchen, events, miracles, kitchen tours and so much more.... if you received the newsletter, than you are on the list and all is good in the world ;) if you want the love, please subscribe here in the upper left hand corner. this blog will continue as the canvas for RM; expressing all things food, family, farmers market and more... thank YOU for continuing to support me as i discover, connect and dig deeper into this piece of nourishing me, you and the world. so much love & gratitude. see you in this ktichen and the virtual RM kitchen soonxxxx

Friday, February 3, 2012

we decide.

i wish i could tell you that i have been napping this whole time....waiting for spring like frog. unfortunately, it's not the case. i am missing you though... i think about you all the time... whether i am peeling parsnips, gathering at the market, stirring soup, making tea (to leave it on the counter, sipped once)....i am hoping you are feeling good in your kitchens, that you are feeding yourselves, nurturing your dreams and nourishing your babes and families. are you having any miracles in the kitchen? there are so many amazing things to discover at the market at this time.... and it's such a medicinal food season as well...mama nature provides us with so many nutirent-rich veggies and fruits in winter. isn't it incredible that citrus grows so abundantly when it's cold out? have you tried the cara cara (PINK) oranges or the sweet oro blanco grapefruits.... introduce it to yourself and your friends and family... you can never waste money when you are learning, tasting and creating amazing food... as i drive through the city, i want to climb all the trees and gather bags of bright yellow and orange goodness... the trees seem SO full of vitamin C. have you been seeing them (those of you in LA) ? is it illegal to climb them? i mean... can't we all feed each other in this way?

here are some shots of last weeks' market in santa monica.. the weather has been cookoo pants gorgeous...and there are some other shots of my beauty kin... i have a lot up my apron for this year and i am gathering my thoughts, my dreams, my callings in the kitchen and beyond.... first up, a home for me, our community and all that we can unfold in the kitchen...(i think it's called a website) so, if you know of any amazing people that i need to meet.... please send them my way....

i have been steeping in the mission of my kitchen culture quest... one of the ideas that keeps coming up is how we decide. WE.... as the women, as the mamas, all of us (with mamas inside of us), create this food culture in our homes... we decide what we eat, how we eat, when we eat... we decide if we have beauty, love, intimacy in our food, in our kitchens, in our lives... what i am realizing in so many areas of my life is that the time we have been waiting for, talking about, walking towards....IS NOW! it's as deep or as light or as simple or as free as you want to go... it's up to us. WE DECIDE. so that's the jules tip of the day (another something that is happening up the apron)... want to share about this? please do. i love hearing from you. see you in the kitchenxxxx

MIRACLE ALERT: friday, february 17 & friday, march 2. let me know if you want to be fedX