Sunday, June 29, 2014

flowering fennel.

hi beauties!
this weeks market find is....
flowering fennel!
you can eat those tiny yellow flowers and
they are packed with so much fennel flavah!
shake a bit onto your 3 minute egg,
a yummy salad, jam on bread
for an extra little zest of love.

i have them front and center
in a ball jar (filled with water)
to celebrate the beauty
of summer.. pick some up
or at least try a petal or two. 
these fennel flowers are from 
sabrina at shear rock farms. 
find her sunday in hollywood
tuesday in highland park
and friday in echo park.

enjoy beauties

summer miracle
july 11
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014



I am ravenous
(no second guessing)
learning who I am inside this feast
this beast
this breath
struggling to write
I hear my belly moan
what is her famous song?

downloading the exhaustion
the broken pieces
the sewn up threads
my boot straps are up
my bags are packed
for a quieter life

a place that feels like that first sip
the warmth softening me
inside that tea
she’s a muse for all of me

I want more of less
turn down the volume
slow the bus
oil up the joints
lets sit ravenous for the breath
ravenous to take off the masks
unveil, make room, stare at your face in the mirror for a long time

pregnant with producing, being, raising, growing,
cooking it all up
this stew of motherhood
ravenous to try it all on
ravenous to let it simmer for years
the fire will take care of the fat
I will try the innards, create a shape and call it a day

ravenous for this morning- this paper, this pencil, this limoges tea cup
stirring me round and round
ravenous for a chat
slowing down to let go
teaching the gospel before I know the lines
faking it before I am making it
sitting in lotus with my hips on fire
little bonfires in the bank accounts of my sciatica
my bones trying to tell me the story
in a language I only hear as pain
maybe its longing
maybe all I will ever know how to do in this life is write,
make a tea and breathe

I want to invite kindness to every party
let go of my expectations
I want to move my body in a way that says: I love you, I love every single molecule of you, I want to travel the world with you and the seven seas with you so that I might get a bit lighter
lose the barnacles that hold me here, the shackles of an agenda put here way before I got here--- trying to transcribe the language, decipher the font, a map nailed to those innards floating around me between the boiling bubbles and the toiling troubles

so sick & tired of sucking at this teet
to look for no mother in the room
all the babies in wide wood bowls
free to roam on cake plates
in their cozy vessels
where they are seen and heard, seen and heard, seen and heard!
when will that musical be over?

I have the playbill in hand turning to the page entitled
‘how to make a life’
reaching for some plain m&m’s
I sink down in my chair and
wait for the second act to begin.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

summer miracle.

let's make a miracle!!

at the market these days
come to my kitchen 
for a beauty love feast
where you will be immersed & inspired
with a seasonal & intentional gathering
of food, poetry, ideas & more
nourishing YOU to nourish them
reconnect with your vital need for BEAUTY
(in and out of the kitchen)
bring your needs, your hunger, your stories

you will leave the miracle
deeply nourished
with abundant offerings
to continue the miracle at home

JULY 11 2014
10 - 2PM
sign up here
*sign up by july 4*

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

santa rosa plum crumble.

summer is all about the crumbles
as is all the gorgeous deliciousness
that occurs in the bubbling currant beneath
the crispy buttery love fest happening up top.
they are also the EASIEST things to make
you can get fancy and try all sorts
but i like it with butter, flour & fruit.
that's how i roll (until time doubles).

here is one with santa rosa plums from
kens top notch produce. you can find ken
and his gang in hollywood on sundays and
south pasadena thursdays. you can also 
rock this recipe out with white nectarines, green
pluots (with the fuschia center), berries of all kinds
and peaches, yellow & white.. you can do this in a 
pie with crumble on top or a buttered dish square,
circle or oval.. there are so many ways to make this
sweet love party happen in your home.
so here it goes. 

the crumble

first things first
turn oven to 400

1 stick unsalted butter
you can melt this or
chop into tiny bits
using a knife & your hands
up to you
easiest way: melt it
1/2 cup sugar
(some sugar depending
on sweetness of fruit)

3/4 cup flour (i used cup 4 cup
gluten free flour for this one)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt

mix it
pour, cut, chop fruit*
into buttered dish or pie crust
in a separate, wide top bowl
mix everything else together
then crumble over the fruit
covering as much as you can

you can place it on a baking sheet
and then put it in the oven as it
might drip a bit with the fruit juice
you can bring oven down to 350-375
you can bake it for 30 minutes or so
depending on your oven and the fruit
sometimes it needs a lot more time
how will you know? 
when it's crispy and light brown up top 
with the fruit juice bubbling over and thru it

*note to self: add more fruit then you think
as it shrinks while cooking

let me know how you go beauties

need a summer miracle? 
the last picture is from the hungry 
mother gathering check here
for schedule & information

Monday, June 16, 2014

doing the dishes.

who knew having your kitchen sink on the outs
would be so much fun. this was definitely
one of those glass half full moments. it had been a few
days and the dirty plates with remnants of old scrambled egg
were beginning to pile up along with the ball jars, 
silverware & wooden boards. we were not able to use
the sink at all or it began to flood. this is usually
a moment where i need to breathe deeply trusting that
all will be ok. what really happens looks something like
oh sh*&($*#&, oh god, oh fu*@&$(*@#....
it was flooding the garage and the smell was not
apricot colored roses everybody.
at the moment, the only thing holding me together
(as i heard the big splashing sounds of water in the garage)
is the kabbalistic thought that a flood means abundance.
so you can bring that on right about now! main office is where?
yeah, you got it, the kitchen!
so, that was fun.
after a few days, i could no longer keep the
pile going around the sink (it was killing me).
at dinner, i told the kids that we are not only
going to take our plates up tonight, we are going to 
take them out on the patio, hose them down and
use buckets, sponges & soap oh my!
they were really excited.
they wanted their own sponge
(fyi, if you want to do this tonight)
we set up a big bucket and put towels out.
i couldn't believe how much fun they were having
scrubbing all the plastic yellow bits of egg, strawberry 
stained wood boards and more... they really got into it.
it was the new evening meditation
(not that we have an old one)
o asked can we do this every night?

i am sharing this because it was nourishing for each of us
in many ways: the simplicity of the fun, the feeling of the circle
of nourishment from gathering to cooking to cleaning where you
nourished from, doing it together, seeing how much they love to help,
to be apart of the process & how hard it was for them to stop.

i feel that i am always hungry for the
simplest things... this was one of them.
i would love to hear what is nourishing
your kids and family these days?
big love beautiesxxxx


Monday, June 9, 2014

spring quiche.

i agree, it has been WAY too long
i don't need to explain anything to you
because we are all living the dream together
trying to find the ground inside the groundlessness
breathing in & out with the noise
trying to magically create more time in the day
it's all going so fast, so fast, so fast
so here is another pause for us inside all the fast
this pause includes haricot vert & plum radishes
it also includes, hold the phone, whole cream

*this makes 2 quiches*
(you can call it summer
if you need too)

seasonal love
haricot vert
(string beans)
spring peas
cherry tomatoes
plum radishes
green garlic 
olive oil
4 eggs
goat cheese
whole cream
crust/gf crust/no crust

work it 
turn on stove to medium fire
grab a saute pan with plenty of room
chop the green garlic & shallot
in a pan with olive oil
massage dish or crust with melted butter
turn oven onto 400 bake
saute all your seasonal veggies
whatever is inspiring you these days
when done//take off the eye//let it cool off

in a big bowl mix 1 cup whole cream
2 whole eggs & 2 egg yolks
shredded cheese of your choice
a little salt
then add your saute mix to the bowl
mix everything lightly together
scrape into pie dish or pie crust
you can use a baking sheet below the pies
for dripping & makes it easy to put into oven

cool it down
you've got to slow it down
ooh watch out
your going to lose control

let it cool all day if you need
lay a beauty towel over it
we have been loving this on the wbl
with a salad, roasted veggies & prosciutto

this is a 1-2 kind of recipe
it's just a one, then a two & done
that is how
fast can
slow down
just a bit
oh and it's delicious
so the pause is more than worth it
let me know how you go

JULY 11 2014