Monday, June 16, 2014

doing the dishes.

who knew having your kitchen sink on the outs
would be so much fun. this was definitely
one of those glass half full moments. it had been a few
days and the dirty plates with remnants of old scrambled egg
were beginning to pile up along with the ball jars, 
silverware & wooden boards. we were not able to use
the sink at all or it began to flood. this is usually
a moment where i need to breathe deeply trusting that
all will be ok. what really happens looks something like
oh sh*&($*#&, oh god, oh fu*@&$(*@#....
it was flooding the garage and the smell was not
apricot colored roses everybody.
at the moment, the only thing holding me together
(as i heard the big splashing sounds of water in the garage)
is the kabbalistic thought that a flood means abundance.
so you can bring that on right about now! main office is where?
yeah, you got it, the kitchen!
so, that was fun.
after a few days, i could no longer keep the
pile going around the sink (it was killing me).
at dinner, i told the kids that we are not only
going to take our plates up tonight, we are going to 
take them out on the patio, hose them down and
use buckets, sponges & soap oh my!
they were really excited.
they wanted their own sponge
(fyi, if you want to do this tonight)
we set up a big bucket and put towels out.
i couldn't believe how much fun they were having
scrubbing all the plastic yellow bits of egg, strawberry 
stained wood boards and more... they really got into it.
it was the new evening meditation
(not that we have an old one)
o asked can we do this every night?

i am sharing this because it was nourishing for each of us
in many ways: the simplicity of the fun, the feeling of the circle
of nourishment from gathering to cooking to cleaning where you
nourished from, doing it together, seeing how much they love to help,
to be apart of the process & how hard it was for them to stop.

i feel that i am always hungry for the
simplest things... this was one of them.
i would love to hear what is nourishing
your kids and family these days?
big love beautiesxxxx


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