Wednesday, September 8, 2010


creating & sharing tradition with ocean is the most delicious time for me during the holidays... with the jewish new year reflecting upon us tonight and for the next few days... i am given the best gift: this incredible opportunity to recreate what it all means each year and now with my kin by my side... piece by piece, apple in the honey, pomegranate seeds and all the blessings... everything can be ritual, alive, a scent map to something deep & meaningful inside us... another moment to steep in letting go, bringing in, manifesting & watering the soil of what we are loving & growing ... and what we are ready to say 'don't let the door hit you on the way out!'....

one of these traditions is going to my favorite bakery on the west side... beverlywood bakery. today, i took ocean with me and we picked out a round challah (representing the circle of the year, may it be round, full & sate us) and a pound of mixed cookies in the PINK box... they really have the best cookies ever... and that pink box.... it feels like home with that up on the toaster or near the bread basket.....they are those cookies you would get as a kid at the bakery with a clear piece of bleached wax paper... absolutely old school... i have no idea what is in there and i am ok with it because it's about the journey, the gathering has meaning, the tradition that is so worth the beauty inside of it...

you do not have to be jewish to dip an apple in some honey & bring in the sweetest new year... it feels like a new time as fall comes in, the kids start school, it is a beginning, the solstice... call it what you want and may it be the sweetest for all of us.. see you in the kitchenxxx

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