Wednesday, February 5, 2014

put an egg on it.

sweet beauties...

i am finding that raising 2 kids, creating a nourishing beauty food
movement in america, keeping a marriage alive, maintaining a strong
immune system, barely sleeping, feeding my own story
and taking the dog out makes for a very busy life.

you wanna know my secret? 
did i hear 'live in nanny?' 
almost but not yet! 

my secret is...

they are the answer to nourishing myself in a jiffy, for adding
protein, color and love to an ordinary bowl of veggies and/or pasta!
if i have a little more time.. i will pair it with something new.
in the image above we have: day old roasted chiogga beets
& sauteed kale with garlic and olive oil (might be a
day or two old as well).. mix it all together and i'm in heaven
i love making 3 minute eggs for the kids too
(otherwise known as dippy eggs)
we put them on top of pasta, breadcrumbs & parsley
a crunchy rice cake in a bowl broken into pieces
with whatever herbs i have around, cherry tomatoes
and a dollop of apricot honey goat cheese
roasted asparagus or brussel sprouts & prosciutto  
with chopped up basil or pesto
dropped into some cauliflower potato, broccoli
or any silky blended soup

what i am trying to say is you can put an egg
on/in anything and it will make your day better
it will leave you nourished & sated fully 
*also the best eggs are local organic eggs*
the brighter the yellow the better for everyone

a recipe for the 3 minute egg....
the jury is out on the various ways
to boil an egg...
i bring a small pot of water to a boil
put eggs in while it's boiling
put the timer on for 3 minutes
this is for smaller to medium size eggs
you can leave in a little longer for a bigger egg!

let me know
how you go
enjoy beauties

(3 more spots left!)


  1. Okay time for a probably very silly question. I put the eggs in with the shells on (Assuming you keep the shells on since that's I've always made a hard boiled egg). But then taking them out after 3 minutes, how do you take the shell off with it cooling down? I assume we still want to eat these eggs hot since they will nice and runny.
    Thank you for indulging my silly sunday morning question.

  2. hi! i need your email as i am not sure this is going to get to you! i hope so! first off there is no such thing as a silly question! it's awesome! you open it with a karate like feeling with the spoon.. you use a smallish spoon and hit it with one of the sides .... giving the spoon a little force in and cutting it in the middle of the egg and open it that way... scoop each side out.. i hope you understand what i mean! i love this!! so many people are wondering the same thing! thank you for asking. you can email me and i can send you a little video of it! XXXX