Thursday, October 10, 2013

windrose farms//part 3: motherhood everywhere.

i found something at the farm
i didn't know i was looking for
i discovered a hunger
i broke open a need
while waiting for the hen
to lay one warm brown egg

maybe it was the reflection of
motherhood everywhere
inside every dog & cat bowl
inside every crevice of the kitchen
inside the beauty, the intricacy,
the efficiency of a system,
not having a choice to keep
this beauty going
to raise everything
inside peacock kale to heirlooms
all the sheep and their one uma
inside bill's wonderful stories
& barbara's sweetest of blue eyes

they let me feed them

who new i could be so thirsty for the magical water from the hose,
the handmade bread, that lyrical nectarine jelly from jackie up the street
i am still hungry

maybe it was the bats in the 100 year old oak tree
or beauty's naked body running around in poetry
telling us that she is home
maybe it was the warm kitchen, old oven,
iron clad pans, wooden spoons, ceramic bowls, 
the stacks of plates, the random mugs from their travels
the knives of the many chefs who have been there
maybe it was about feeling a part of something
maybe just maybe
it was love at first sight

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