Wednesday, September 11, 2013

cooking inside a busy life//part 1.

have you noticed a shift?
where the heck am i? 
where are all the recipes, posts & poetry?

i am on a remote island where there
are no bars (wine or cell phone),
there are no extra hands, only mine &
i am needed 24/7.. sound familiar?

i am writing you from motherhood
as i always have yet we are a bit
under construction here...
therefore the ability to do it all
has temporarily changed to doing what
i can in the rare increments of time that
show up like a surprise goat at my door
offering my favorite yogurt
i could tell you that i am on vacation
but that would be flat out lying.

here is some inspiring beauty from windrose farms
they have some gorgeous carrots this time of year
and it's time to roast em' beauties!

roasting is SO easy and
here is the secret
if you are home for an hour
put something in the oven
don't worry about
when you will eat
or how
or with what

on your way to make your coffee
turn the oven on to 375 - 400
grab your carrots or a whole butternut
(whatever you got)
put them in a casserole dish
pour some olive oil & salt
put in oven & let your day begin
(put on the timer for 20 minutes here)

what do you usually do now? 
shower? kids brekkie & lunch?
check email? go cray cray in the club?
whatever it is you can be cooking while you
are rocking your life at the same time!

after about 20 minutes:
fork your veggies & move them around
and with the (softer) squash:
cut it in half with the flesh down, skin up
and go for another 20 minutes
(the timer is KEY here)

then take out, turn it all off &
put a cloth over the roasted veggies
let it be OUT on the stove top
yes.. this is another secret
that i had no idea was a secret
until my clients couldn't believe
the FREEDOM of just leaving it out!

we were not taught to prioritize food in a simple
way unless you lived in a home where
cooking was happening as a natural part of the day,
like bathing, laundry, working, talking...
 allowing for the creation of our food to
meld into our everyday, our connection
to nourishing ourselves & doing everything
else at the same time is vital to cooking inside a busy life!
so try it & let me know how it goesxxxx

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