Thursday, August 22, 2013

hi from motherhood.

- eating too much goat dairy
- feeling like i have no time
- maintenance feels good
- 1st grade is sweet
- i am a dancer
- we vowed to change the patterns from which we came
- motherhood was not valued as a life changing job
- redefining motherhood
- conversations inside my body
- i love my body
- i love my babies bodies
- ready to let the intense stress go
- loving the first scent of soup meandering about the house, in and out of corners, stirring up my desire to write words down
- looking at the clock: a killjoy on my insatiable hunger
- learning to trust
- taking more showers
- trying to let go of heartache
- drinking (a little) more water
- loving me some rose with an accent over the e
- grateful for the figs from the post manxxxx


  1. i find that i do better when i remind myself that motherhood is not a "job" but more of a (constant, deep, all encompassing) state of being.
    all your words resonate and ring true with me.

  2. sooooooooo true. xoxoxo