Thursday, February 21, 2013

one world soup.

poem of one world

this morning
the beautiful white heron 
was floating along above the water

and then into the sky of this
the one world
we all belong to

where everything 
sooner or later 
is a part of everything else

which thought made me feel 
for a little while
quite beautiful myself
-mary oliver/a thousand mornings

my wonderful writing teacher says you need to read 
poetry out loud to really hear it, understand it, feel it 
this one is worth your voice

for the last 2 weeks my family and i have been 
traveling the terrain of our immunity; 
pot holes, mud slides, hard times with the flu 
sore throats, head colds, fevers, a killer cough

i know it's the farthest thing from beautiful
to feel our bodies ache, heat up and
try to process this world
then i read this poem and i thought

we all do this
we all get down 
& we fight this flu
these colds 
we all have to stop 
we all have to allow 
our bodies to get well 

there is a one world beauty in that to me

so here is my one world  soup
for you or a friend who might need 
this hot love remedy asap

one world soup

1 onion chopped
2 repunzel herb bullion
2-3 garlic cloves
tons of herbs 
(whatever you got)
parsley, dill, cilantro, thyme
chopped or cut into pot

3+ carrots chopped
3 celery stalks chopped
3+ asparagus
6 - 8 cups of water
lemon if desired

*rock it*
pour 2 wrist rounds of olive oil
into soup pot
on medium 
put onions in 
crumble bullion in
add garlic
add herbs
let it all steep &
get to know each other
soften & glaze
add veggies
stir around
add water 
bring to a boil
lid on & low

*love it*
may need
salt or bullion
add lemon if want 
can strain for broth too

love yourself thru this
we are all in this together
stay well beauties

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