Tuesday, July 13, 2010


aren't these the most beautiful worms you have ever seen? no! they are mulberries!! i want to say the guy at the market told me there are pakistan and persian kinds... i could have that wrong and if i do please comment and let us know. all i do know is that they are gorgeously delish. just like this. and yes.. there is more you can do with them. for now... lets take it a step at a time....buy a box and try them. it's worth it as they only come out at this time of year. see you in the kitchenxxx

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  1. you just solved a great mystery for me! Someone brought these beauties to a bday party we had for my son this summer. They don't look anything like the mulberries that came off my best friend's mulberry bush when I was a kid in Michigan. We surmised they were some other kind of berry. Now we know. Thanks! I got your blog from Ingrid. Good stuff mama!