Friday, April 23, 2010

fried green tomatoes.

yep.. it's true.. these are the easiest things to cook up if 1. you find them at the market & 2. the setup. OH and it's so so fun for the kids. ocean was loving the dipping and then the coating... it's really great to see that kind of sculpture take place... so i tried these in the RM kitchen thursdays with just corn meal... and it was like eating the beach...the next week i made them again with a little mixture of flour, corn meal & i can't remember now if i put some matzo meal in there... but whatever the case.. the flour saved the day & smoothed out all the bumps and it so yummy.... the key here like i said: set up & tools... get your egg mixture going in a small to medium sized bowl that you can work in and out of with your hands... the amount of eggs depends on how many tomatoes you have.. there were no measurments in this... (i know.. shocking ;) and then in another wide rimmed bowl.. mix the flour & corn meal *(you can experiment with all sorts of flours and meals... add matzoh meal if you want to) then make sure everything is close together and close to the medium high heated pan filled with canola oil.. or grapeseed.. or you could experiment here too..with different high heated oils like sunflower, peanut, etc... get your papar bag for the fried tomatoes after so you have your assembly line going... have a great time! see you in the kitchenxxx


  1. Now I am going to have to hit the farmer's market this week, though my market does not always carry them green outside of summertime. Yours look so yummylicious!! Nothing says sunshine and summer like some thick, succulent fried green tomatoes. I cannot wait until my own tomatoes are big enough. Thanks for the instant craving!

  2. not only are your words and recipes food for the mind/body/soul, but your photographs are OUTSTANDING too. you tell a collaborative love story in all that you do. you teach me about intimacy and every time i return to the kitchen to make something - slowly, thoughtfully, with intention, with organic food (explosions of color, nutrients, and groundedness) and, of course, LOVE - well, the experience is just plain transformational. thank you mama.

  3. OH YEAH.
    try this one some time, too :: a little braggs dipped in nutritional yeast. & quick saute.

    your blog is looking delicious right now & i love your oven mitt!

    it's both torture & virtual eating through the eyes over here as I am on an 8 day milk cleanse.
    ugh. parasites. kinda gross, but moving on through it. I can't wait to celebrate my cleanliness with some delicious foods! mmm hmm!

    xoxo kee