Saturday, June 13, 2009

what is renaissance mamas?

being a renaissance mama you never know what i am up to from day to day b/c i digest life through expression....this time my studio relocated into the kitchen.... brushes have turned into wooden spatulas, paint palettes are all-clad, the poetic prose is on the menu & i am deeply inspired by what is growing locally, seasonally & organically week to week from our local farmers....the meals i create are stories, paintings, expressions of a time. i create meals for private families, dinner parties, picnics, heart-centered gatherings, birthday parties, new mamas, workshops, talks & anyone who desires local, rustic, artisinal foods made with love.  

i started renaissance mamas with a desire to inspire women in the kitchen, to inspire the mother within & reconnect her back to the kitchen. i saw a need in my community of mamas... i saw a lot of women who had this strong desire to cook & create but did not know how... where to begin... how to connect the dots between going to 3 markets, cooking a a few of the same dishes, seeing a lot of it go bad...and then start again the next week....overwhelmed, under-inspired, confused & deeply ashamed of not knowing how to do it they end up going out or taking in...when somewhere the stories, the how-to's, the 'just do this and that' and dinner is served...did not get passed down from our mamas & grandmamas... and now we have babies, we want to cook, we want to be the change, show them how to provide & survive for themselves.... yet we did not get that piece. i see this with us modern mamas & i have a deep desire to reconnect this piece for us.....

it is truly up to us.... we are educated, we have the skills, the curiosity....we are the shaman mamas and it's innate in us, in our body knowledge to create, birth, protect & gather... everything we do in the kitchen is connected to a vitality that lives in us as women......i am starting this conversation and i would love for you to join me... 

so... what is renaissance mamas?  i come to your kitchen & connect these pieces...we resuscitate you in your kitchen, get it pumping again as it's the heart beat of your home. we organize, we shui, we shop, we cook, we connect, we gather, we create, we birth, we reinspire you so that you are ready to do it on your own. my sweet friend calls me the kitchen intuitive....that feels right. she wrote this about what i am up to....

My pal Jules is a wonderful kitchen intuitive who lives to meet the emergent needs of the individual/family in the privacy of their kitchens. She can come to your kitchens and do everything from organizing every bullion cube and tea bag in your pantry to making your kitchen functional AND magazine-esque to preparing a few days worth of organic meals for you and your family. So... instead of ordering takeout, take in something rustic, local and gourmet. If you think you can't cook Jules wants to teach you. If you are in a rut Jules will return you to inspiration (and the farmer's market) so you can cook with joyful reckless abandon. If you want to learn to compost, she'll even green you. Whether you taste her once or crave her week to week, give her as a gift to yourself, a new mom, bachelor, or cherished friend.  Jules also caters small, heart-centered affairs. 

i am looking forward to creating & cooking for you... see you soonxxx

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