Thursday, April 30, 2009

part 3: the experience....odent day!

these incredible succulents arrangements were created by everything gardens...
a sister team of talented green thumbs who know how to rock it. they create sustainable gardens
all over the city. connect with them if you want to start your garden or for your next party...

i adorned the room with the paintings i created when i was preganant to the tablecloths, plates from friends, donated napkins & oro blanco (winter citrus) in a wooden bowl on every table. it was a totally sustainable event in terms of reusing & creating a conscious celebration. 

we CAN do it!


  1. doing it well, lady. congrats : )

  2. looks inviting and lovely. hope it was a fabulous event, the menu sounds and looks delish!

  3. thank you so much both inspire me!!