Thursday, November 27, 2014

black friday sale xxxx.

all kitchen healing offerings are on sale
check it out here 

wherever you are located you can experience
this deeply nourishing & transformative work
with a healing session or kitchen healing
via Skype, phone or in person

the miracles are not only in the my kitchen
they are happening in your kitchen too with 
private couple miracles & family miracles
giving everyone room and a safe space to share
feelings and food stories within a sacred container
and some wood board love of course! 

some loving words from a current healing sessions client:
"Jules brings her whole heart, experience and intuition to this process. 
I have so much admiration for her, and gratitude for being shown these
new ways of being in the world, in the kitchen, in my body. I have had
many years of therapy, but my husband and family agree that the real
changes started when I began to talk to Jules about my difficulties,
which included disordered eating. Her unembarrassed imagination
has given me the courage to express myself, and ultimately
to care for myself. Jules brings a joyful and humorous outlook
to the process while at the same allowing me to be my most
vulnerable self. She holds that space for compassion and joy,
for light and dark. I've learned that the saving powers of beauty
and nourishment can be transformative, and they ripple out
towards the whole family. Working with Jules has
been a most powerful experience."

if you have been curious about this work
or you want to give someone the best &
most nourishing gift of the year click here

so grateful to inspire and nourish
YOU and YOURS this holiday season
and alwaysxxxx

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