Wednesday, December 11, 2013

salty honey pie.

it's another baked good
it's all i seem to be good for these days
don't give up on me
there will be more on carrots & kale soon
there was a lot of applause, applause, applause
for this one on thanksgiving
so i am giving the readers what they want
(i hope)
this is a great one to bring
to the holiday shmoliday gathering

salty honey pie
(inspired by lottie & doof)

1 single pie crust
1 stick/1/4 lb unsalted butter
3/4(or less)of cane sugar
1 tbs cornmeal
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp vanilla
(or vanilla paste)
3/4 cup honey
3 large eggs
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tsp white vinegar
1-2 tsp maldon sea salt
(for finishing)

preheat oven to 375
in a medium bowl, mix butter,
sugar, cornmeal, salt & vanilla
stir in honey & eggs
one at a time
followed by cream & vinegar

they want you to strain this... 
i did not and i am proud of it. 
straining big amounts of sweet
sticky stuff is not my thing...

i gracefully poured
it all in the pie shell
that i did give a little
melted butter painting to..

then i put it in the oven
on a cookie sheet for any drips & drops
in the middle rack 45 - 50 minutes
turning it around once at the half mark
look for edges to be puffed up high, edges set
and no more liquid in the center
that means she's cooked!

let cool and then sprinkle maldon
salt all over it like below

serves 8 - 10
it's so sweet that
it could possibly
serve more
enjoy beauties
this is what it looks like
what a beauty!

and now for this sweet holiday
plug from our sponsors....

you wanna give yourself or a dear friend
some inspiration, beauty, love, healing,
& connection in the kitchen?

one of the most amazing holiday gifts you 
could give someone is a kitchen healing
or a beauty love fest session to cook
with me for a day in their kitchen!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

beauty love fest sessions.


i am being swept up inside the holiday vacuum of hurry hurry hurry land with the deepest desire to take a few minutes every two to three hours to stop. stop the doing, breathe in, even if it's crazy time & fill in the blank __________ read a poem, rest, spoon some goat cheese on a carrot, close my eyes, stretch my hips, drink a glass of water, make a tea & of course turn on the oven, throw something in it with olive oil and salt. i feel terribly guilty that i was not on the black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday, fuschia tuesday, abundance wednesday train. my staff is in paris and it's just me in the office these days. 

yes, i do have something to offer.

recently, i am discovering the sweetest gift in my work. in my travels, kitchen to kitchen, finding the flow between nourishing ourselves & the lives we lead, reconnecting to the love inside our child's handmade trivet or grandmother's chipped tea cup; i am realizing that the healing is all inside the cooking. the healing is inside turning on the fire, it's inside yellow & white carrots, watermelon radishes, oro blanco grapefruits, the healing is inside warming olive oil, pink salt, whole, unpeeled garlic, it's (even) inside boiling water.

we do not need to stop everything and then cook. we need to cook it out. when we cook together, we heal together. duh. (and we can figure out what peeler you need & move around your silverware drawer while roasting a chicken).

you shop, we cook. 
or we shop, we cook. 
we reconnect
we heal
we nourish
we feel AMAZING.

i think we will call it a beauty love fest.
what do you think? 

three hour sessions with jules
gift certificates available
book your BLF
email me for more infoxxxx

my work is about creating the space for beauty to inspire your story, healing to nurture your intuition, finding your way to cook simply, eat deliciously & nourish your blessed lifexxxx