Thursday, May 17, 2012

kitchen as life & other magical moments.

gorgeous women!!! look at this dance... this radiance...this blissed out beauty showing up at the farmers market... i am inspired each week as there is always something new to gaze at.. a color i want to wear, a shape i want to hold, smells i want to bathe in & tastes i want to share. it's a motley crew of abundance. it's my church of sorts.. if you ever feel like praying in this way... you know where to find me.

do you remember the conversation about the stories hanging in our kitchens? i picture them as a collage of chandeliers, streamers, a breeze, the way the sun hits the beets.... some are ornate and fancy bright, some are dirty, dusty, invisible & some are painfully quiet UNTIL you open something... in your kitchen, in your life, in your beauty... it could be your heart, your eyes, your oven, shredding some carrots, shredding some of you, spreading butter on warm toast, spreading yourself, the sounds & smells of that wooden spoon, the handle in your hand: everything has a story. 

i am finding that it takes courage, tenderness & a deep desire to do this OPENING UP thing.  the kitchen is life. everything seems to be happening in here: miracles, magic & mayhem. we can birth and burn something in the same moment. it's all a big stew of growth: stretching & sating me while i warm it up.

it IS emotional. it IS intimate. it IS a choice.... in how we want to eat, chew & digest these new and old stories of our beauty, our freedom, our life and how we want to nourish ourselves and our clan in our day to day.

upcoming miracles & a saturday workshop!

may 25 
june 8
june 22

10:30 - 1
75 dollars
rsvp asap


saturday workshop: june 16
an exploratory feast of discovering YOUR beauty in & out of the kitchen... we will meet freedom in food & other expressive mediums... more details soon... rsvp asap ... this will also be an intimate group. 

here is a sweet testimonial from the last miracle.....
"Totally inspired, loved every minute. Hungry for more, hope to cross paths with all of you again soon. Thanks a million to Jules and the lovely women I shared a miracle with. xoxo" Nicole 

see you in the kitchenxxxx

Saturday, May 12, 2012

beauty mama day.

ode to the mamas

my face
intimacy gone
intimacy found
hide and seek
with, for, of ME
coerced to seek again
a new, feel old
want so much
have so much
blessed beyond words
challenged to the last cell
the mama cape
a ton of bricks
yearning for the feathers
and the milk
the gap tooth smile
singing to adele in the car
watching me, you, us 
the ultimate teachers
changing patterns
the deepest exhaustion
the deepest gratitude
the deepest of everything 
oceans of beauty 
beauties of ocean
thank you for choosing me

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

weelicious & white shorts.

beauties! it's MAY!!!! how did that happen?!!? time is insane... it really feels like i am in my own room with time. it feels like a room with high windows, like at the gym and i have my own trainer who is holding a stop watch for every single thing i am trying to get done (we might want to call her a babysitter and she really does want the best for me) oh and i see... i am in a feirce game of squash. i am whooping my own toosh. how is that possible? one part of me is getting 'stuff' done and the other part of me has a long way to go... anyone? oh! and i think i am wearing those east coast, harvard vibe, white shorts... oy, that just made the image so much worst. HA!  

how are you? how is the beauty in your world? how is the food coming along? any action in the kitchen? it's getting warmer and the beauty of spring is slowly making her way to the market: stone fruits, cherries, berries, asparagus, spring peas and more.. there are so many gifts to eating seasonally and one of the best feelings is setting my eyes on the first of something in the season. it really feels like a friend i have not seen in a long time (about a year)....i am so happy to hug it with my eyes, kiss it with my lips and bring it home to share with ocean. he gets so excited to see the new, old friend back again. yesterday, he asked that i bring the wood board to the table so we could cut our first peach together. it was a simple moment that was so special. there was ritual around the first of something, the honoring of it being here & then right back to lego's. i loved it.

speaking of friends...i want to send an incredibly grateful shout out to a true renaissance mama in & out of the kitchen, catherine mccord, who created & owns with love: weelicious. she is doing such beautiful work bringing families together in the kitchen to make food that is healthy, easy & good for everyone to enjoy. she is one of my sunday favorites at the hollywood market. i am not quite sure how she does it all with running a successful business, writing books, interviews all over the country, raising her family & the one that stumps me the most: shopping at the market with her entire family following her to every stand. check out weelicious for videos, recipes & various ways to get fun, healthy & love filled food on the table. how do you do it? you are amazing catherine. thank you for sharing my movement with your weelicious family. 

the last post by artist, poet & renaissance mama: jill lurie brought so many sweet words and love from our community. thank you jill! if you didn't get a chance to read it, click here. the next MAY MIRACLE is friday, may 25! please reserve your wood bowl as we have a few more spots left. these miracles are magic in the kitchen. we will explore and discover ourselves, our beauty & reconnect with our needs through a variety of mediums... held by the incredible sustenance of this gorgeous food. things are opening up in here in new ways and the miracles are ripe for the pickens....see you in the kitchenxxxx

***welcome to all the new beauties in the RM community, so happy to have you with us on this journey, discovering all the miracles in and out of the kitchen. i am honored & inspired to feed you in this wayxxx***