Wednesday, August 28, 2013

baked blueberry oatmeal.

hi beauties!!
here is the beauty of this love fest...
i woke up late this morning &
as i am running up the stairs i realized
i made that baked oatmeal yesterday!!! 
just need to turn on the oven
then i can start on O's lunch
that's what i am talking about!

baked blueberry oatmeal
2 cups organic oats (if you can)
1/3 cup cane sugar//maple syrup
1 tsp aluminum free baking powder
1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 cups milk (i used almond)
1 large egg
3 tbs organic unsalted butter
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 ripe bananas, sliced thin-ish
1 1/2 cups berries of any kind
(i used blueberries)
you can also add 1/2 cup
toasted & chopped walnuts! 
this one is nut free!!

*mix & fire it up*
put oven on 375 bake
butter an 8 inch square dish
(or whatever you have!)
in one bowl mix the wet &
in another mix the dry
arrange the bananas on the
bottom of the dish
you can also sprinkle
some berries on the bottom
cover fruit with oat mixture
then add the wet/milk mixture
on top of that
you can give the baking dish a few
thwacks on the counter top to make sure
the liquid seeps through the dry bit
scatter remaining berries (& walnuts on top)
bake 35 - 45 minutes until top is nicely golden

let me know how you go!
really love the simplicity
 with a different texture of this one
& a super healthy love fest

side note: kids loved it warm :)
& i used a little cookie cutter in it
added it to ocean's planet box
2 birds, 1 stone

enjoy beauties!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

hi from motherhood.

- eating too much goat dairy
- feeling like i have no time
- maintenance feels good
- 1st grade is sweet
- i am a dancer
- we vowed to change the patterns from which we came
- motherhood was not valued as a life changing job
- redefining motherhood
- conversations inside my body
- i love my body
- i love my babies bodies
- ready to let the intense stress go
- loving the first scent of soup meandering about the house, in and out of corners, stirring up my desire to write words down
- looking at the clock: a killjoy on my insatiable hunger
- learning to trust
- taking more showers
- trying to let go of heartache
- drinking (a little) more water
- loving me some rose with an accent over the e
- grateful for the figs from the post manxxxx

Monday, August 19, 2013

midsummer cake.


this was SO gorgeously good
& feels so deep in it's midsummer-ness....
in it's lightness & it's subtle rich feel
you are going to LOVE it. 
i didn't switch out any ingredients
as i wanted to taste it from the recipe
and then i will make changes if need be

nigel slater has it down....
midsummer cake

(in image above)
3/4 cup butter
1 cup minus 2 tbs cane sugar
3-4 emerald pluots
2 eggs
11/3 flour
a scant cup ground almonds
2 tbs almond milk
1 1/2 cups yellow raspberries

butter 8 or 9" pan
line with parchment paper
cream butter & sugar together
until pale & fluffy
chop pluots//put on side
beat eggs lightly 
add to butter/sugar action
(if curdling occurs/add 1 tbs flour)
mix flour and almond meal together
i put slivered almonds into a coffee grinder
and created the almond meal
add this dry to the mixer
add the almond milk
once incorporated add the fruit

preheat oven to 350
scrape mixture into buttered pan
for an hour & ten minutes
toothpick test
and voila...
it's SO darn good & simple
which we really love!

if you are inspired...
please let me know
how it goes
leave a comment below

Thursday, August 15, 2013

farmer spotlight//silverlake farms.

owner: tara kolla
mission: supporting local agriculture
expressions of her mission:
csa programs//organic (edible) garden care//
locally cut flowers

hi beauties!
this is the first post for the 'farmers spotlight' series
these are monthly posts that will give you an opportunity 
to meet my hand picked peeps who are incredibly
passionate about their work, the land & feeding us!

this is where all of the beauty love fests begin...
locally grown, raised with love & sustained with passion

i love knowing who i am buying from,
why they do what they do, where their farm is & more.

if you have ever had the opportunity to see the
amazing BEAUTY of tara's stand at the hollywood
farmers know what i am talking about..
her stand is an altar of celebration, of lightness, of
colorful gifts from the earth.. she will custom create
a bouquet in whatever price range you wanna go for..

i am all about flowers all the time
(not waiting for any other time but NOW
to celebrate & adorn my home)
so the next time you are at the market
meet tara & tell her i sent you
she will give you a beauty love fest
also check out her website here.

Monday, August 12, 2013

rustic tomato sauce.

tis' the season for this beauty love fest
this is a basic in my kitchen arsenal
it's quick, doable & delish

heirloom/japanese/early girl/cherry
all tomatoes that you are LOVING
(ask to try everything at the market!)
yellow onion
olive oil
basil (IF YOU HAVE IT)
brown rice pasta or any pasta

*make it happen*
heat up a pan* on medium
pour olive oil
cut up a bit of 1 garlic & and 1/2 an onion
let it all sweat for a bit
chop up tomatoes
basil if you have
let it all sit with each other
the tomatoes will surrender to the heat
and make the best rustic sauce
add salt to taste
and love of course

this is just as fast as opening
& heating a store bought sauce
not even close to the taste of course
by the time you figure out how to open
 the top (i usually have to hit it with a bread knife!)
this sauce would be made!
you gotta get the best tomatoes
it's all about the source
so please taste them!
*as for the pan*
may it be wide, open & roomy
so you can enjoy the creative process

enjoy beauties!
please share your awesome
thoughts on the blog xxxx
if so inspired...share the love!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

baked kale chips.


olive oil
curly kale

oven to 350
slide leaves
off the stem
tear them into
any size you like
place on a baking
sheet with olive oil & salt
massage it all together
put it in the oven
after 5 minutes
move around with
your wooden spoon
it will be ready in 10 minutes
or less depending on your oven

this is a great starter/snack while
you are getting dinner ready or anytime!
enjoy beauties xxxx

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


figs! figs! figs! 
gorgeous beauty figs!
tis' the season
i want to share with you
whats happening in my kitchen!
i was inspired by tara at silver lake farms
for picking a couple of brown turkey figs
for me yesterday during my visit to her farm
(for my monthly farmer spotlight post*)
i realized that i need to share FIGS on the blog!

*when gathering figs*
i am a BIG supporter of tasting food
before you buy it, using your voice,
asking the farmer or seller
if you can try a sample..
most of the time it's yes &
sometimes it's a no because
they have such a small crop
you have to have some market smarts too!
if you see a huge line that might
be a good sign or ask those shoppers
who look like they know what they are doing
who has the best figs? of course
you can ask me if you are in LA!

you want to make sure they are both firm & ripe
unless you are ok with them oozing ripeness
to use as a homemade mashed up
jam on toast or proscuitto
you do not need to put them in the fridge
unless it's really hot//you want to keep them
in a cool dry spot, separated on a plate

the pictures above show what i have been
creating with figs in the last few weeks
i decorated this flourless chocolate cake for a birthday
cake/potluck/garden party celebrating my sweet friend jill!

i cut them onto the morning wood board love
here is the deal: my kids are not eating the figs...yet.
BUT they are seeing the figs on the wood board and 
over here in my kitchen that is the first step.
i love exposing them to the beauty of the foods
they love & foods they might not love yet
as their palette is forever changing
the conversation about food, the memories
with food, the images, smell & feel continue forever

i put the figs there first because i love them
& there needs to be room for what YOU love
(this is such a vital ingredient to their love of food,
you loving food & showing them how)
if you put the fig or whatever food you love out
on the table, there is a better chance
of them eating it, asking about it, seeing it
than if you never put it out at all
(this is a whole book in itself!)
expose them to what you love
give them your love for beauty
this is the beginning to their story

the next image is of the cornmeal or gf pizzas!
you can adorn these beauties with everything..
there is something with the warm dairy
and the figs that makes me want to SING!

*other ideas*
using figs in...salads, fancy waters &
a sweet fluffy clafoutis
i am looking back in the archives
and i can't believe i have not posted
a clafoutis recipe! that will come soon!

i hope this inspires some FIG love in you!
follow me on instagram @julesbdavis
for farmer recommendations &
daily doses of BEAUTY for figs
and so much morexxxx

Thursday, August 1, 2013

banana ice cream.

you have mired, you have swam, you have (possibly) sunk inside
my super wordy posts in the last week! i am so grateful for your
sweet replies & emails, in turn i am giving you a sweet recipe from
the secret archives...i am feeling your hunger for a recipe!
this is one of those super easy, fun & healthy snacks to make
with the kids! i love when we can make something sweet that will
not end in flour murals on the floor for me to clean up later....
(note to self: freeze your bananas when they begin to
ripen & brown for this ice cream & smoothies!)

banana ice cream
frozen organic** bananas
(peeled & wrapped in wax paper bags)
**i say organic b/c you want the best
tasting banana you can find**
a cuisineart
chocolate chips
peanut butter

*work it*
as you see in the pic above
you place the bananas
in the cuisineart & add
whatever you want
in terms of flavor
push it on &
watch it whirl!
it's amazing how it
thaws out into the creamiest
ice cream like texture
it may take a bit
as those bananas can be
pretty frozen to break down

super fun to watch it go round
and round with the kids
then they can get all ready
with their toppings to make it theirs
i scream, we all scream
for banana ice cream!
(by the way... i really do love
those flour murals....)

i would love to hear how it
goes for you & your family!
did you love it? not so much?
what happened?
big love beauties