Tuesday, October 16, 2012

lets do this thing called love!

beauties!! the last miracle was amazing! seven hungry women gathered in my kitchen allowing me the absolute honor to nourish & inspire them with BEAUTY from our local & seasonal bounty....we created food that is simple to make, sates the soul & tastes delicious. they were receiving my love in their wood bowls as they fed me their honesty, their laughter, their openness...they opened their pantries of the heart and tried on my medicinal offerings... it's a dance each time we come together, a shape we form, a vital gathering.  i am committed to weaving this beauty food fest into our daily stressed out lives... 
the miracle is a place where we can learn how to meet ourselves in the kitchen, inside a soup, something warm & loving, something we are deeply hungry for..even if the soup starts it's journey in the morning and finally gets pureed in the evening...in between the meetings, the kids, the dog, the job...it's all good. we are in this together & we can do it. we can make food a priority in our lives. we can nourish ourselves & show our kids, our friends, our communities the way to this place. come to my kitchen and lets do this thing called love! see you in the kitchenxxxx 


FRIDAY (next week!!)
10ish - 1ish pm
75$ donation
jules kitchen/mt washington/east side
RSVP ASAP (deadline: this friday/october 19)
email me & more info via email to reserve your wood bowl!!!