Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i rarely share about the amazingness happening in my kitchen on thursdays... lately, we have been having such an incredible time that i wanted you to feel it too... the intimacy that begins to rumble when women, food & beauty come together is so special... it takes real courage for us to seek this gathering and embrace our desire for it...and then the actual getting in the car to start driving towards it is where the self-care piece begins... tearing away from the normal, day to day chaos that is life right now is so hard and yet so so vital to our body, our cells, our family, the list is a long one.

on the drive, there is a specific quiet,the beginning of something about to happen.... the yearning to be together gets turned on as does your self-compass navigating towards something that is unknown, something that will feed you (really unknown to most of us)....and as the women drive to my hearth, i prepare for the story, creating the beauty & holding the space that will sate us for a few hours. this energy is so special, it's so many things. it feels like everything.

here are some swatches from the the last 2 classes... summer is an incredible time to gather because most of the work is done by the bread knife... we are mainly chopping & cutting open... not as much heat is on (except for in us). there is a lot of simple sweetness to sit & devour. please join us if you are so inspired, i will be offering classes every thursday in august... see you in the kitchenxxx

Monday, July 26, 2010

some more love...

my sweet friend kaela writes for this fancy blog that comes out of every fancy area of the world... it's called babyccino kids and it's great because it's a bunch of really hip mamas writing about things they love... hot of the press she just posted the RM fig cake recipe & i wanted to share the love.. as love is always worth feeding each other. see you in the kitchenxxx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

monday offering.

it's time to open up your nurturing self to all who come near... are you willing to try this out with me? we are going to start offering food to people that come over to our house or already live there and see what happens... take that bread knife and open up the melon, the tomatoes, the white nectarines and just start offering food. you can also have your RM pitcher of love water nearby with glasses to accompany it... maybe limes, basil & water... or those pink lemons i will blog about soon from the beautiful laura, our avocado lady.

i want us to try this as a community. this is just a thought, the beginning, the first note of offerings.... what will you offer? what do you have in the house? will it be weird asking? and if you ask if someone is hungry... more often than not people will ask you not to bother. so... don't start there... just cut the fruits, put them on a wood board or any surface that pleases you & offer the food ready to be devoured. it's just an experiment... let me know how it goes. we must learn how to feed each other even if we have one orange in the fridge. see you in the kitchenxx

Friday, July 16, 2010

key lime pie.

definitely one of the highlights of my childhood growing up in florida. a piece of key lime pie with graham cracker crust after some stone crabs dipped in warm butter... i mean that was my favorite meal as a kid. now, in my kitchen... i am making it happen.. why? because it has 4 ingredients and it's so easy! you need a day to chill it if you want to do it that way... i had a few hours and it worked great too...

and yes, i buy the arrowhead mills graham cracker crust already made action in the store because it's how i am able to do this and keep it simple & calm around these parts. all you need is some big, juicy bear or any limes (i bought these at the sm farmers market), 1 can of condensed milk, 4 large egg yolks, cold whole cream.. and that's it! what? that's crazy pants...

here is what you do: zest those limes first... zest as many as you would like (to your taste) maybe 2 - 3. then juice em'.. i think about 3 - 4 depending on the juice of the lime....you will need 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons of lime juice. set it aside. in a bowl, whisk the condensed milk and the 4 egg yolks together.. then add the juice and zest... whisk well...like you mean it. then pour it into crust.. i like putting my pie on a baking sheet b/c of the heaviness, it makes it easier not to drop it or have it cave in. then put it in the middle of the oven on 350 for 15 - 17 minutes. take it out and let it cool.

then put it in the fridge as long as you can... make the whipped topping by adding the whole cream in the cuisineart or whisking it until your arm falls off.... then spatula that love on the pie as thick or thin as you like or you can dollop it at the top... enjoy! it's so good the next day too! see you in the kitchenxxx

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


all he needs is one superman glove (we just have the one), a broken garage clicker & a dragon cape... he is definitely the best superhero to come through this kitchen in a long time. who is the superhero in your kitchen? i hope you are saying 'I AM!' see you in the kitchenxxx

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


aren't these the most beautiful worms you have ever seen? no! they are mulberries!! i want to say the guy at the market told me there are pakistan and persian kinds... i could have that wrong and if i do please comment and let us know. all i do know is that they are gorgeously delish. just like this. and yes.. there is more you can do with them. for now... lets take it a step at a time....buy a box and try them. it's worth it as they only come out at this time of year. see you in the kitchenxxx

Monday, July 12, 2010

cavaillon melon.

i have written many times of my love for weiser farms (whole foods, santa monica farmers market wed, hollywood market sunday)... they have been feeding my mamas/families potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, beets etc for a long time... and at this time of year we get these incredibly beautiful melons from weiser. there is something about these big, round, robust fruits like squashes in the winter..

we tend to buy them, share their beauty framed in a favorite bowl and then day by day, week by week we watch the bottom rot out and there is this weird, unspoken resistance to getting the dang bread knife and cutting it OPEN!!! lets look at those gorgeous insides & cube it up. i love having it cut up as though someone has been over (a grandma feeling) and cut the fruit...that's the nourishing piece! ready to be eaten whenever.. open up and eat... it's sooooooo good. see you in the kitchenxxx

this mama is going on tour....

i have been steeping & listening to some new callings that the renaissance mama muse has been hinting at for a few months... it's as though she has been leaving notes under my spatula reminding me of the essence, the core of what renaissance mamas is, the recipe in which it was conceived and the evolution it continues to take... the notes read 'empower' 'expand' 'grow' 'confidence' 'sating your creativity & nourishing yourself to nurture others' these are definitely words in the soil that RM grows out of...it's also where the fuel comes from to be this renaissance mama who cooks, works, creates, sates self and has energy to keep nourishing her family....

this is so incredibly possible with the know how, the support & the cleansing of old ideas whether it be resistance or fear (bring on the list)...and now it's not just about inspiring you.... it's about EMPOWERING you to be confident in the kitchen, to take back your kitchen & be inspired by all that is growing around us... SO what's this mama to do? BUILD! GROW! EXPAND this amazing renaissance mama community & create more support then we we will ever need! so...

i am going on tour!! i want to come to your kitchen and create that connection you have been yearning for... falling in love with your space, getting rid of what you don't need, having the essential tools to make the most beautiful, rustic meals all the time, gathering together at the market closest to you & cooking FOOD for everyone to eat...learning how to feed each other within your community of mamas and friends... have you been curious about what it is i am actually doing?? invite me over and a few of your mama community and lets get this party started!! renaissance mamas has been one on one consulting in the kitchen which continues....

and now a new branch on the RM tree is launching: RM on tour - classes on how to create your own renaissance mama kitchen in one of your kitchens!! and what is a renaissance mama kitchen? it's a kitchen that serves you, that inspires you, that nourishes you.... this means EVERYONE can have a renaissance mama kitchen regardless of your finances, your time, your schedule....all you need is the desire, the hunger for this nourishment and we will make it happen. no one should have to wait to have this piece. we must start feeding each other all the time... see you in the kitchen for reals this time xxx

**for more information: RM on tour in your kitchen & where i am headed please email me via the blog (you can reply to this and i will get it in my inbox or comment here!)**