Thursday, June 2, 2011

RM @ bini birth.

tis' rare that i cater & cook the love for more than a few... i am not very good at math and big pots that i can bathe in scare me ;) and then... there is the amazing ana markel, my sweet friend who is an incredible woman, renaissance mama, doula, birth movement inspirer and creator/owner of bini birth, a space for mamas, pregnant women, doulas, midwives, doctors, couples & anyone who wants to know anything about pregnancy, birth, love, family etc.. she is doing amazing things out of her magical loft in north hollywood; changing the ways women & society, view, experience & understand pregnancy, birth and post-partum.. bini also serves as a conceirge service for anything you need in your pregnancy and beyond... i feel honored to have her in my tribe.... i also love to feed her! on wednesday, june 1, a very special mexican midwife, naoli, was in town to teach a one day intensive & ana asked if i would create the lunch for 70 people! here is how it went....

i really loved feeding everyone there... the food was celebrated with love & gratitude. thank you to all the farmers growing the love that continues to inspire me! also - i could not have pulled this off without cheri, mclean & marrrria... and yes i have my oscar in hand. i hope this inspired you a bit...lets get that fancy pants feeling in your water, get out to the market, make something delish... and COME gather in my kitchen, i wanna see you...everything starts in the kitchen...xxxx